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Our exclusive FlourishSM Memory Care Program addresses the unique needs of residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias while providing them with helpful support, loving care and personalized programming that honors who they are and where they are in their journeys.

Flourish is rooted in our belief, and supported by leading-edge research that people living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss can grow and flourish regardless of the degree of memory loss.

Our comprehensive Memory Care Program emphasizes our core belief that people with memory loss can enjoy meaningful, fulfilling lives, so we provide them with everything they need to ensure they flourish.
Our program focuses on eight aspects:


    Structured daily activities are a fundamental component of the daily Flourish Memory Care programming.  Activities are “age appropriate,” and they help provide a routine to help reduce anxiety or stress.  Programs focus on all aspects of wellness – cognitive, creative, community, motivation, physical, social and spiritual.


    Specially developed group activities such as the Charter-exclusive “Grab and Go” help caregivers connect with residents and engage in purposeful – and successful – activities. Team- led activities can be done at any time. Supplies are easily accessed in our Grab and Go Bins which feature a large variety of activities that are ready at a moment’s notice.  We also embrace intergenerational programs, visiting pets, and sensory stimulation.


    Personalized, technological interventions – such as nostalgic music on headphones and tablets showing no-plot videos – help manage challenging behaviors while promoting relaxation and reflection. This helps communities maintain a calm, supportive environment.


    Developing real relationships with residents and their families is a key goal of Flourish Memory Care. Regular care conferences are held with families – as often as they would like. We bond with residents through respectful and slow encouragement instead of quick questioning or confusing dialogue. We believe close resident-caregiver-family relationships build familiarity and trust while empowering residents to remain active, connected and fulfilled.


    Dining is an important aspect of our care.   Every Flourish Memory Care neighborhood has an activity kitchen to provide the familiarity of the kitchen in their past homes.   Residents may complete chores and prepare dishes, with gentle supervision and support. Menus are enhanced in the community by services such as oshibori, the Japanese pre-meal tradition using warm towels infused with essential oils to freshen hands and prepare residents for the sensory experience of dining.


    Our care is provided by specially trained caregivers who understand the disease process and is devoted to helping each resident have a sense of fulfillment and success.  We support families through support groups, education, and resources designed to provide the emotional support, assistance and reassurance you may need throughout your loved ones’ journey.


    Our neighborhoods are specifically designed for those living with memory loss. Each community or neighborhood provides a real sense of home and belonging, positively impacts behavior, and encourages interaction while reducing stress.  Every detail from paint colors, furniture selection, to the carpet and artwork have been taken into consideration. The outdoor common areas are available to residents seeking fresh air, the warmth of sunshine and the sounds of leaves and birds. The interiors feature a television lounge in each neighborhood and barrier-free walking.


    We empower residents to gain a sense of purpose and success throughout the day. Whether they help select an outfit to wear or help set a dining room table for mealtimes, our goal is to ensure your loved one can Flourish.


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