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When it comes time to start thinking about Retirement Living, there are a variety of options to consider. For example, retirees may find themselves asking: what is social security and how does it work? Aside from financial concerns, you may also be wondering how you might fill your days once you’ve retired from your career. As you’ll see from the links and articles we’ve compiled for you, there are an array of options for seniors who are planning to retire in the near future.


Assisted Living has become an increasingly popular option for seniors wishing to remain independent, while still having access to the right amount of help to make their lives easier. Charter Senior Living has compiled resources and articles to provide you more information about what Assisted Living is, who it’s for, and what types of services are offered. Whether it’s you or a loved one who may need a little assistance, please take the time to review the information below in order to learn if this would be the correct senior living option for your needs.


As our parents and loved ones grow older, the time will come when we have to consider the options available and what’s in their best interest. While some people will opt for care in a senior living facility, others will take on the responsibility of acting as the primary caregiver for their loved one. Charter Senior Living is here to help ease the assessment process and provide you with the resources needed to make the best decision for your loved one. Read the articles below and browse the links provided to learn more about the responsibilities of a senior caregiver.


Perhaps the most significant concern as we age is our health and accessibility to health care. As we grow older, it’s important to concentrate on quality of life. What simple exercises can you do to live a healthier life? What are some healthy meals you can prepare for yourself? Additionally, you may have questions about Medicare, health insurance and disease education. Charter Senior Living has compiled a wealth of health care resources for your convenience.

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